Chad Cleven
Who am I?
I'm an actor and performer in Los Angeles, California. I strive for excellence. I'm forever growing and learning to do my best with whatever I set my mind to. I'm always moving forward to find my happiness. Browse my HEADSHOTS, RESUME, VIDEOS and discover the creative side of my being. Enough said for now, start scrolling.
Roaming Outside the Box
Creativity, I believe, will never progress unless we climb outside the confining box of simple mindedness.

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  • Get Him to the Greek Day Player Nicholas Stoller/ Universal
  • Spider-man 3 Stunts Sam Raimi/ Columbia Pic
  • The Good German Stunts Steven Soderbergh/Warner Bros
  • Memoirs Of A Geisha Day Player Rob Marshall/ Columbia Pic.
  • Spider-man 2 Day Player Sam Raimi/ Columbia Pic
  • To Be Good Starring Dave Ciszewski
  • The Collapsing Wall Supporting Greg Young
  • Fool’s Paradise Starring Alexis Hanawalt
  • Britney, Baby One More Time Supporting Ludi Boeken
  • Crisis at School Starring Tri-Marq. Communications
  • The Origin or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Joint Supporting Jimmi James


  • Southland (Season 5) Stunts TNT/Regina King
  • Awake Co-Star NBC/Laura Innes
  • Awake Stunts NBC/Jeffrey Reiner
  • The Event Co-Star NBC/Jeffrey Reiner
  • Crafty (Webseries) Starring Mark Haapala
  • Entourage (Season 2) Co-Star HBO/Julian Farino

Commercials/Industrials/Voice Overs

  • Apple iPad & iPhone Voiceover for 5 Commercials Tbwa chiat day
  • Available upon request --- ---

Theatre (Partial Listing)

  • The Magic School Bus! International Tour Arnold (Lead) Strawberry Productions
  • The Velveteen Rabbit Velveteen (Lead) M&W Productions (AEA)
  • Cinderella Prince (Lead) M&W Productions (AEA)
  • The Story of The Nutcracker Soldier M&W Productions (AEA)
  • Beauty and the Beast Christmas Beast and Prince (Lead) M&W Productions (AEA)
  • Twas the Night Before Christmas ’97 ‘00 Boris/Timothy M&W Productions (AEA)
  • Babes in Toyland ’96 ‘99 Boy Blue / Tommy Tucker (Lead) M&W Productions (AEA)
  • Iphigenia at Aulis Achilles Otteson Theatre
  • Zoo Story Jerry (Lead) Otteson Theatre
  • Brighton Beach Memoirs Eugene (Lead) Otteson Theatre
  • Guys and Dolls Benny Otteson Theatre
  • Tartuffe Demis Otteson Theatre
  • Carroll World Tour to Central America Ensemble Otteson Theatre
  • Carroll World Tour to Asia and Europe Ensemble Otteson Theatre


Acting – Jeff Seymour, Fawnda McMahan, C. Michael Wright, Tom Mark, David Molthen, Chuck Erven, Gary Cherniakhovsy,
Mark Weil, Chuck Bell, Tara McAllister-Veil, Jane Purse, AmyLyndon
Voice – Mark Gould, Philip Fabry, Lisa Muelbauer
Dance/Movement -Rick Halterman, Philip Fabry
Technical – John Starmer, Rob Bessey, Eric Appleton, Ceccia Mason-Kuen, Aurora Strick, Blane Friest
Commercial – Kirk Moody with Beth Holmes Casting
Stunts – Dan Bradley with “Go Stunts”, John Robotham, Jimmy Stunts, Peewee Piemonte,

Special Skills

Award Winning Western Horseback Riding/Showing, Painter, Photography, D.J., Roller Blading,
Water Skiing, Swimming, Down Hill Skiing, Licensed Bartender, Harness & Wire Stunt Work, Motorcycle License


What a great beginning to 2014…

I got new headshots taking by the amazing Nogen Beck

Spent 3 weeks traveling Madagascar – It was a once in a lifetime experience!

Madagascar Lemur

I also got my motorcycle license and a new motorcycle!


New improved website

Well, I finally got around to updating and redesigning my website.  It needed a facelift  So the site is pretty much completed.
Check it out… There may be some tweaks to come…


Please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information about my work.


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